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Will Owens is an orphaned teenager with a unique ability that has alienated him in the quiet town of Cochrane: he can see dark creatures emerging from the Arden Forest. And people are dying.

Will is befriended by Morgan Finley, a stunning fencing champion whose dreams of a Yale scholarship are haunted by her family's secrets. The unlikely friends venture into the Arden Forest where they enter the Fourwinds, a magical realm in the throes of a brutal war.

Entrusting their lives to a Callum Sage and his rogue companions, Will and Morgan embark on a perilous journey across the Fourwinds to face an ancient evil birthed in a tower known as the Maidstone.

Courage, faith, and friendship are tested at every turn, but the group has yet to realize the full extent of the powerful forces that threaten to destroy the Fourwinds and reach far beyond the town of Cochrane.

"Shane Trusz and Darryl Frayne have created a thoroughly entertaining epic contemporary fantasy. Across the Fourwinds is book one of the series, a fast-paced adventure with memorable characters that is sure to delight fantasy lovers for many years."

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"You risk much on an undertaking that in all likelihood will fail. You journey to rescue what could be but a vague remnant of past glory. You attempt to destroy what may be indestructible."

— The Ice Dragon

Shane Trusz

Shane Trusz

About the Authors: Shane Trusz & Darryl Frayne

Shane and Darryl have been storytellers and lovers of fantasy for most of their lives. Now, they've collaborated on an epic adventure that has been years in the making. Across the Fourwinds is Book One of the first trilogy in The Maidstone Chronicles. Readers will discover shades of the authors' influences, including Terry Brooks, Stephen King, JRR Tolkien, Michael Sullivan, and perhaps a few others.

Darryl Frayne

Darryl Frayne

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